Gribble’s Crafty Walk to Mordor

“It’s on the list.”

“I need to finish that.”

“I’ll get to it one day.”

Sound familiar to anyone else? I moved house a few months ago and, among other things, the move made me come to terms with how many unfinished projects I had!

Over the years I have started and not finished countless projects. Some of these I decided to pull apart and keep the yarn/fabric for a future project, others I donated, some had become so tangled up that they had to be parted with: the rest were shamefully packed up with me and moved to the new house, incomplete. I currently have 12 unfinished projects in my “To Be Crafted” or “TBC” cupboard. 12. TWELVE.

These don’t even include all those other things I’ve been “meaning to do” and haven’t gotten around to. I’d write a list of them, but honestly, I’d be here all night, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Enter the Crafty Walk to Mordor. 


The goal: hold myself accountable and get a few things accomplished.

How? An adventure through Middle Earth, of course.

This new adventure is really about one thing: GRIBBLE! I wanted to make sure I was giving myself time to the things that I enjoyed, while also making sure I’m kicking a few goals as we go along. This is a challenge I’ve set for myself, but I haven’t given myself a timeline to start with. Initially, I just want to focus on getting in the habit of making time for three things that I enjoy but haven’t really given any time to. I will probably reassess in a month or so and see if I want to give myself a ‘timeline’ to finish all my craft projects. But for now, a habit-tracker is good enough!

I decided the three main things, outside of work and university, that I would like to work on are:

  1. Making sure I am reading regularly. I used to love reading. LOVED IT! I can’t remember a time when I haven’t left home without a book of some form. My love of reading lead me to study literature at university and oh my gosh… The books! I was being graded on reading books, and sometimes I got to read several in a week! Alas, in the years since graduating my reading capacity has dwindled. So, my first goal is to make sure I set aside some time for reading each week.
  2. Craft, craft, craft! That’s right. I am going to smash through my TBC cupboard. I am going to finish my 12 projects in there and here’s the kicker: I’m not allowed to start a new project until they are all done. Nope. Not allowed. Too bad, so sad. Go cry to someone who finishes their projects, Gribs! This challenge for myself is all about getting through the stash of yarn and fabric that I already have so I can move on to more exciting things!
  3. Getting my fitness and energy levels back on track! It’s no secret that I love hiking, but I don’t get to hit the trails as often as I’d like. Instead of using that as an excuse, I’m pushing myself to actually exercise regularly outside of my occasional hikes. My main challenge for myself here is distance and steps per day. How far? The distance from Bag End to Mordor, that’s how far!

Some fantastic people on the internet have actually figured out how many kilometres it was for Frodo and Sam to walk from Bag End to Mordor in the Lord of the Rings. Seriously, how cool is that?! A few months ago, my friend and I started the Walk to Mordor challenge (first time for me, but my friend is a veteran). The concept is simple: each time you walk/jog/ride a bike, you record the distance and see how that compares to Frodo and Sam’s journey. This totals approximately: 2863kms!


When I realised just how far I need to walk…

I am happy to report that after being stabbed at Weathertop by the Nazgul I am on my way to Rivendell, sitting at roughly 425kms completed currently. Not to brag, but I was just so good I didn’t even feel my stab wound. Skill.

I will be keeping progress in a bullet journal (and I will finally see if a bullet journal is one I can actually keep). But I will also be updating my progress through our Instagram page and here (and we might see some videos in the future as well, watch this space!)

Please feel free to follow along with me and join in your own version of a Crafty Walk to Mordor. There are no set rules, the aim of the game is to have fun and crush a few goals while you’re at it!


Lemon Delicious is delicious!! Nanna’s recipe :D

Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about my family history. Even my Aunty has taken it upon herself to draw up a full comprehensive family tree dating back to time in memoria. Actually, I was looking over a certain branch of said tree and noticed that I have a Jon Snow somewhere down the line. And being the hilarious person that I am, the first thing I said was, “I wonder if he knew anything?” Haha! Any GoT fans out there? No? Ok, moving right along then…

I don’t always indulge in dessert, but on the odd occasion I crave something it’s normally either something chocolate (no surprise there) or citrus.


And so, recently thinking about family history, and craving a sweet, tart, light and airy, sponge pudding and a delicious lemon custard, nothing would do but my Nanna’s Lemon Delicious!

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